The vast majority of my fiction writing is out-of-print or can be found by scrounging around in odd places–but eventually the full catalog will come out with some uniformity. For now, below is a partial list of fiction titles readily accessible in Print.

LUCY JINX (2016)


LUCY JINX ( is now available (in print, only) as a two-volume set. Volume 1 (796 pages) presents Part One and Part Two of the novel and Volume 2 (738 pages) presents the full of Part Three.  Currently only available via the Lucy Jinx site, the cost is $24 (US) plus $6.50 for shipping (domestic shipping within the US only). Copies can be purchased from outside of the US/overseas, as well, but please contact directly to arrange for shipping fees etc.  

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Regard (cover art by Goodloe Byron)

REGARD (2003)

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280 pages, Trade Paperback (5×8), $7.50 Print (Kindle e-book price $0.99)

A 13-year-old girl moves through a world equal parts routine and randomness, tenderness and violence, tedium and excitement, intimacy and ambivalence, making no distinction between one state or another, her life rendered in minute physical description with only as much psychological insight offered as would be leveled at a stray cat or an insect.

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CANDOUR (2007)

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170 pages, Trade Paperback (5×8), $4.95 Print (Kindle e-book price $0.99)

An unnamed man suddenly begins succumbing to the horrors of a nightmarish disease. Secluding himself in his apartment rooms, his only companion is his cat, Alastair Cello, who he determines to keep unaware of his impending death.

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210 pages, Trade Paperback (5×8), $5.95 Print (Kindle e-book price $0.99)

Danial Thames spends every free moment loitering in the public library, amusing himself with idle posturings and daydreams. Thrown off balance by an encounter with a young writer who takes him to be a talented author as well, Thames begins to grow unsettled with his view of the world and uncertain of his desired place in it.

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they say the owl was a baker’s daughter: four existential noirs (2010-2011)

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$9.95 (404 pages, trade paperback) FREE EBOOK

A sequence of four thematically linked novellas: 

KASPAR TRAULHAINE, APPROXIMATE: Four months after the commission of a violent crime, Kaspar Traulhaine is approached by a stranger who claims to have witnessed everything and who coldly announces his intention to turn him over to the authorities in three days time. As the hours pass, Traulhaine struggles with his conscience, his desire to remain free, and a growing urge toward violence against his tormentor, who offers no reason for his sudden appearance and no terms for his continued silence.

i poisoned you:  After his brother drunkenly confesses that he thinks his own girlfriend has taken a lover, Aldous Kline decides to investigate whether there is any basis for the suspicion.  What begins as an evening of detached voyeurism–following the girl from her work to her apartment to a study date to a late meal–descends into macabre possessiveness as Aldous becomes lost to the amoral whims of his own latent obsession.

twelve ELEVEN thirteen: Returning from a late night run to the drugstore, Jervis Tidmouth witnesses a strangely disfigured man enter a neighboring apartment. Unsettled by the grotesqueness of the man’s appearance and certain that a young woman lives in the apartment alone, he cannot rid himself of the thought that something may be amiss.  Increasingly convinced by discoveries made during the night, Tidmouth roils in indecision and fear, inching toward a confrontation as much with his own manifesting paranoia as with whatever truth he might uncover.

man standing behind:  After leaving work one evening, Roger is accosted by a man at gunpoint. Refusing to reveal his motivations and unmoved by any attempt to pay him off or plead for release, this man forces Roger to accompany him on a series of macabre errands over the course of the night.

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